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  • SMS Test System

    Q-SMS is an Objective Q&A application that helps students learn by taking tests on the move via SMS. The student has to register to take the tests. Once registered, the student will receive objective questions by SMS to which he/she has to respond with the appropriate answer. Students can opt for questions from a wide variety of subjects like General Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, and more. Are you planning to appear for any competitive exam? Then why to go online and use some website to do it? When you can take test on the move. Q-SMS allows you to learn by taking tests via SMS. Many have subscribed and getting benefited, Did you subscribe yet?

    How to get Q-SMS?
    If you want to practice questions on the go using Q-SMS, get in touch with us.

    - Call us at +91 9876543210 
    - Send an e-mail to contact@purvainfotech.com

    How does it work?
    1. The student registers for the SMS pack with us.
    2. He/She will recieve the verification message on the phone via SMS.
    3. Once registered and verified, the student can start the test anytime he/she wants by sending "start-test" to the phone number given.
    4. The student will get 10 questions per day or more depending on the pack he/she has chosen.
    5. Thats it!